Friday, May 25, 2012

Directed by KT Auleta
Left- Young Mick Jagger

I live in a town that revolves around the summer. Everyone from my school works during the summer including myself (I'm a camp counslor).  In the winter it's ghost town but as soon as memorial day weekend arrives everyone from New York City move into their summer house East Hampton. Most of my friends are life guards, knowing how reckless they are I can't say I see safe in the water. One of my guy friends is pool boy. I always joke with him, imagining him in a thong cleaning the pool while a housewife sips on her martini looking at him. Another friend works at a club that's very limited and Paul McCartney happens to be part of.

I've never had a summer fling in my home town, it would be nice to have on in the "The Hamptons;" though I don't know if one before college would be such a good idea.

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  1. All these pics are really amazing, totally inspirational for summer :)

    Hope you have during summer ;D


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