Sunday, May 27, 2012

Every April 11th, my friend has her annual birthday party. Every year we try to top what we did from the year before. Freshmen year we dressed up in garbage bags, playing ghostes on the streets and lying down sticks on road. Sophomore year we didn't do anyting speacial, just bunch of sleepover games like "light as a feather." Junior year my friend got her license, drove the ten of us to town and we shot our B-B guns at three boys from our school (one of them who screwed my friend over). This year (seniors)  we snuck a bunch of silver forks to a girl from our school's backyard and pinned them down. She found out later it was us because we uploaded photo's onto facebook.

All of this was pure stupidity but a lot fun and good memories.


  1. I bet you have loads of fun, 'cause the pics reflect that :) Love the first one from the Virgin Suicides (lol at the girls on the second pic) and the third one ;)

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